Airports Are Not My Favorite Places

I left Kirovograd, Ukraine Monday morning at 10:00 and arrived home in Regina, Saskatchewan at 3:30a on Wednesday if we simply count the hours by the original time zone that I was in in Ukraine. A total of almost 2 days – does not sound as bad if you take into account the same 9 hours lived twice (9 time zones) and that, by the clock, I arrived home after 6:00p on Tuesday evening. Welcome to international air travel and the inevitable “airport”. Kiev airport – 2.5 hour wait; Frankfort airport – 3.5 hour wait; Toronto airport – was to be a 3 hour wait but it turned into almost 4.5 hours due to a plane arriving late, a need for oil in engines (a need discovered after we boarded), another delay to remove checked and loaded baggage of some passengers who were suppose to be on the plane and were ‘no shows’.

Arrival was followed by a brief time with assorted family members (a great way to come home), a good supper with a terrific wife, a few episodes of a favorite television show “Murder She Wrote” with the advertisements missing, and then some time to do laundry and unpack from two weeks plus on the road. Sleep did not come easy do to being past “tired” and the pain in the legs and feet caused by two days of sitting and flying and, yes, “airports.”

So, today is your dreaded “jet lag” day when body and mind are still weary, functioning on a different time zone, and not coordinated. Not a day to make decisions or do anything too important or earthshattering.

Don’t let anyone tell you that going on apostolic trips overseas is glorious – as many have that impression. It is wonderful to travel for Jesus, lives are powerfully changed and this is good, you gain some great friends and have some terrific experiences, you are being obedient to the Lord and fulfilling the Great Commission to “go into all the world…” But, it can be tiring and very mundane in many of the features connected to the preaching of the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Airports are simply not my favourite places…

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