A Revelation of the Power of God

I am of the opinion that believers today need a fresh and new revelation of the power of God. The power that raised Jesus from the dead. The power that brought each one of us from the domain of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son Jesus. The power that lives in us because we are born again. The power that enables and empowers us to be witnesses for Jesus and move in supernatural gifts because we have received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. 

We acknowledge all of the above because we have read about it. We hear it preached. We have a limited understanding of all that it means if it is really true – and it is. But, I don’t think most believers have truly grasped what all of this means to us personally and to the Church that Jesus is building. It is as if we acknowledge it and then simply put it to one side. We believe it but brush it off. We even celebrate it when we come together as believers but place it on a back burner when facing our everyday life among the non-believers.

In 2 Timothy Paul is writing to a young spiritual son and apostle named Timothy whom he has been discipling and mentoring  – fathering – and he writes: “…overcome every evil by the revelation of the power of God.” (2 Timothy 1:8b The Passion Translation).

I believe every born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit believer needs a fresh “revelation of the power of God.” It may be a refreshing of what they have already experienced and know or it may be their first true encounter with the power of the Spirit since their salvation. Either way, every believer needs to be praying for “the revelation of the power of God.” 

Every believer in their own life have this power to “overcome every evil.” But, by their lifestyle and even their own admission they are not overcomers. They are struggling with their faith. They are fighting temptations and often losing. They are living at the same moral levels as most of their non-believing friends and neighbours, watching the same television programs, listening to the same music, and even viewing the same pornography. 

I was recently at an event where a believer and I were in conversation together. He drew my attention to one of his grandchildren. This young man was sitting near where we were standing. This proud grandfather was telling me how on fire for Jesus this young man was. Well, as the night went on this young man continued to drink and then drink some more until he was no longer in control of his faculties. And, his conversation was anything but becoming of a believer – especially one on fire for God. And, he was not the only believer not “overcoming every evil by the revelation of the power of God.”

Every one of us needs a fresh revelation and encounter with the “power of God” on a daily basis. It would serve as a reminder that we can overcome all temptations and every evil we may face during the day. It will remind us in a powerful way (no pun intended) that God is still God and He is most certainly still in control. And, it will allow us to minister to others and see them set free and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Without a revelation of the power of God and walking in that revelation we are simply followers of another religion.