Time to be Honest With Yourself

Another long weekend and the summer is coming to an official close. Children are back at school, university is back in session and the gardens are wrapping up their colours and fading into shades of fall. The sun goes down earlier each evening it seems and the nights are getting colder.

The fall season is now upon us and the questions need to be asked: What are you planning to do spiritually this fall to grow as a believer? What are you willing to do to help your Church to grow both spiritually and numerically? What changes are you planning to make in your lifestyle so that your life better exhibits Christian values and beliefs? Are there some issues in your life (even sins) that you need to be dealing with so as to better connect to the One you worship? Are you thinking through ways to connect with and influence your loved ones and your friends and neighbours in the hope that they would seriously consider the claims of the Christian faith that you base your life on? Planning on joining a Bible study group where you can learn and grow and fellowship with other believers? Does your attendance at Sunday worship in this local church need to improve and become more consistent so that you are living obedient to the Word? Do you have plans to improve your prayer life?

These are questions I ask myself – and so I do not hesitate to ask you the same questions. They need answering. I mean, if the Christian faith is real and life-changing then these questions are well worth considering and struggling with. Change is never easy but always necessary. And the truth is: if you always do what you have always done – you will always get what you have always gotten. Poor English but truth nonetheless.

And, you should never be content and satisfied with where you are at in your spiritual life and walk with the Lord Jesus. There is always more to know and discover. We are told to hunger and thirst after Him who is the righteousness of God. So, that is what we must do in this new fall season we have now entered.

The Church can offer leadership, good worship, life-changing teachings … but you determine how much benefit you will receive by what you are willing to do and how much effort and energy you put into being intentionally directional in your Christian life in the coming months. Spend some time today thinking about it!

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  1. Ralph
    Ralph says:

    As I commented from my Blackberry earlier tonight while returning home from a preaching engagement – please feel free to use anything you find on these pages – blogs, articles, prophetic words – simply quote where they came from and invite people to visit this site.


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