2014 – Just One More Sleep

Tomorrow night many people will be celebrating and welcoming the new year 2014. Many will celebrate it with friends and family. Many more will celebrate it by getting drunk and waking up on the first day of the new year wondering what they did the night before. At the start of the new year many will make new year’s resolutions – and they will fail to fulfill them with failure coming early in the year they have just finished celebrating. At year end 2014 they will be at the same place in life that they were at the beginning of the year. Then on December 31, 2014 they will simply repeat the program and do all the same things welcoming in 2015 but again nothing will really change.

What a waste of a life!
In fact, you might ask yourself, “Is this really life at all?”

Maybe it is just existing.
Maybe you are simply taking up space.
Maybe you are using precious resources and giving nothing in return.
Maybe you are a consumer – A taker and not a giver.

For 2014 to be different and worth celebrating you need to examine your life and, with God’s help, see the things that need to change, places where you need to grow, elements of your life that need to be totally removed. With God’s help you need to change and that change, for some, will be a major undertaking – but worth it, believe me. And it will be successful if you partner with God – after all, it is the year of The Lord 2014.

Every day you live in 2014 is a gift from God. And, He is travelling with you through each of those days. He has a plan for each day – things He wants you to accomplish for Him. But, more importantly, He has a design for who you are to become. Why? Because who you are is more important than what you do. You are a human BEing and not a human DOing. God wants you to grow and mature and become more like Him in 2014. Ask Him to show you what needs to change in your life – your character (friends, family, fun, finances, faithfulness, faith, fruit).

Then ask Him what He wants you to do in 2014. He will tell you and then show you how He wants you to do it. You can impact your world and influence people when you partner with your Creator who is the “Giver of life.”

So, as you enter a new year of life called 2014 – look at your own life first. It is a gift from God and He has some expectations of you. He knows who He wants you to be and become. He knows what He wants you to do for Him and with Him.

Invite Him into your life in a new and fresh way as you enter a new and fresh year.

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  1. sheila carpenter
    sheila carpenter says:

    HIS promises truly are yes and amen. A man, now 57, was diagnosed as schizophrenic at 19. Was in many state hospitals, went through a rape, was hypnotized, etc. BUT GOD!!! now he says, “it was a long siege, but now GOD has given me joy.” There is a WORD over this man’s life that he will be transformed and will preach. The testing leads to triumph. Never stop believing, obeying, receiving, and giving and HE will bring HIS best to pass. amen.


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