Monday and the End – Kazakhstan Days 18 and 19

We are in Almaty where we first began our ministry here in Kazakhstan. We arrived very early this morning by plane from Karaganda (1:15 a.m.). After a fairly short night of sleep I was up packing and preparing for the day.

We were picked up and thus vacated where we were staying for the night (moving all the suitcases and computer bags one more time) and headed into the country. A year ago I prophesied over a lawyer from this city when ministering in Krasnoarmeysk, Ukraine and told him he was to buy land, build a school and be the head of SOS – School of Supernatural. We journeyed into the country with him this morning to the outskirts of a city where we walked and prayed over two very large pieces of land which he is hoping to purchase to build the school facilities upon. So, our morning was spent planning and praying and prophesying to see if we could confirm the direction that this leader was sensing.

Then back to an elder’s home that he is building. Beautiful and big – but yet unfinished. Then others started to arrive and they began cooking a Kazakhstan speciality – a huge fish (one fish fed 12 adults) cooked with onions and other things on an outdoor open fire and the coals from that fire. Potatoes, salad and coffee / tea and we had a meal that lasted hours and great fellowship – sharing, laughing, and lots of questions regarding the prophetic and also what we sensed for their nation.

Then, no sooner had we finished this gigantic meal then they started to prepare the outdoor fire pit once again and also prepare another huge fish smothering it in a sauce and tomatoes and herbs … and cooked a second one which, three hours later, was brought in and we all had to eat again. More fellowship and fun. Then an evening of chatting, coming to know more about these great people, more questions and answers and then, at 11:30 p.m. heading to the airport for our flights home.

In the midst of the day I spoke to two men one-on-one and had a great opportunity to come to know them better – and the discussion turned into a powerful prophetic flow for them and their ministries.

I am now aboard an Airbus having flown at 2:30 a.m. from Almaty to Astana (1.5 hours). There we took on more passengers and de-iced a second time and we are now on our way to Frankfurt, Germany (6.5 hours flying). There we will switch flights (grabbing a bite to eat in the airport as we have a four hour layover) and fly to Calgary, Alberta (11.5 hours) where I will run to get through Customs Canada and on to my connecting flight to my home city.

I will arrive home 52 hours after I left for the airport in Almaty at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday which will be 3:30 a.m. Wednesday body time and actual travel time. Jet lag will be a brute this time around.

I want to thank you for praying for me and for the whole team while we ministered in Kazakhstan and stayed one step ahead of the religious authorities. It was a very successful trip and one where the will of God was accomplished and God was glorified.

We received several love offerings while there – and I had prayed before the trip started that the Lord would cover the major costs (paid for by Ralph Howe Ministries) of getting my two Ukrainian team members there and back home again … close to $1,600.00 American in total. God is good as the need was met and I was also able to pay the interpreter when the local pastor did not so that he was not without something for all his hard work. As well, all miscellaneous expenses were met and so the trip was certainly a financial success.

Ralph Howe Ministries continues to work on a cash only basis as we have from the beginning 2 years and 5 months ago and God continues to amaze us and cover our costs through his people both where we are ministering as well as through the kindness of a number of people who donate on line on my web site to the “missions” PayPal account.

I now turn my focus to the January 2010 trip to Ukraine and the ministry that will be going on. I will travel there alone and be joined by my administrator for Eastern Europe who is on full-time, paid staff here at Ralph Howe Ministries. He will be there as an “apostle-in-training” as he is growing very quickly. Starting in this fast approaching new year he will be picking up some of the teaching load as well as continuing to grow in the prophetic – thus lightening my work load on these very intense and busy times overseas. We will, of course, be ministering God’s Word through teaching and prophecy.

There is a fair amount of reading and research as well as writing to do for this trip as well as a rewrite of a student manual which will then be translated into Russian for use during this ministry trip. A lot to accomplish with limited time to do so … and, once again, I am applying my faith towards the finances that this trip will involve (a total cost of approximately $3,500.00). And I know God will do what He is really good at doing for He has already given to us “everything that pertains to life and to godliness”.

So, I am expecting every need of this next missions trip to be met in advance so that, once again, we can pay cash the whole way. Thanks for standing in faith with me.

During the next few days I hope to blog about my impressions of Kazakhstan and the church there as well as reporting on the plans of God for that nation as revealed prophetically. But first I need a few days off and away from people to regain my strength and have some time to myself to process all that I have been involved in during the last 18 power-packed days and all that I have learned personally about my developing ministry and myself personally.

Working Through Your Prophetic Word

The following link is for a PDF brochure on how to work through your prophetic word biblically and effectively.

Working Through Your Prophetic Word