Back in Moscow

Yesterday we arrived back in Moscow. We were met at the airport by an Orthodox priest who works with a group of believers – born again and Spirit-filled. He brought along someone to help with our baggage as we took the bus from the airport to a rapid train system. The bus was a 20 minute ride – the train a 35 minute ride. That got us into the city… who knows how far in – I certainly don’t. When a city has 20 to 24 million people (depending on who you ask) who knows if there is even an area that is considered the center to the city. Then we walked with all our bags for a few blocks, got on a mini-bus and fought the traffic for another 40 minutes … arriving somewhere (who knows where we really were) 2.5 hours after getting off the plane. This is where we stayed for the night – the priest’s apartment. And what a night!

After a quick and light meal – which ended up with six eating and talking – three of them were heading out to minister for the evening so they asked if I could prophesy over them right away – like right now! I did. I was not planning to work until the evening home church meeting but never mind. Then a private conversation with the priest, away from the cook and the housekeeper – personal matters and concerns. Then a walk to exchange the Russian money we had into American as Russian money is hard to exchange once outside the country. Again, a lengthy stop in the park for the priest to speak of another personal concern and the hurt he has felt in several relationships. Ministry can be tough.

We returned to find a home full of people with worship already going on. No rest since we started the day with a business meeting, a meal and a debriefing session back in the Caucasus where we had just finished 7 days of ministry. Here we are being asked to teach and minister prophetically right away again. By the end of the evening (1:15 a.m. to be exact) I had shared some of my testimony as an introduction to myself as this was a new group who did not know me. Then, of course, they wanted me to prophesy over them. I did so – with a word (extensive) for the priest and the church (called The Way and considered a movement by those involved) and then a word for every person in the two rooms – every person. Almost 40 people were in attendance as more kept coming as some had to leave due to the subway closing for the nigh).

After almost everyone left Sergei cooked us a great supper and so at 2:00 a.m. we finished eating and talking. Pasha, a pastor and young apostle from a church we had ministered in during our February ministry trip in southern Ukraine, was also there so we had an opportunity to minister together and to then eat together before calling it a day / night and heading to bed. He had come early for a ministry opportunity simply because he had heard I would be there. It was a blessing to see him and chat with him. I will be back in his city for a joint ministry opportunity with him in January, 2010 after ministering in another city and before travelling to a third location to speak at a school that I am still writing and researching material for.

Well, bed at 2:00 and up at 5:00 as our ride came early to get us to the airport. It took over three hours to drive to the airport as we hit a number of traffic jams even at that time in the morning. Great fellowship all the way as this was a young man whom I had ministered to two Sundays before in a home church we attended and he was telling us his story and how God had given him such hope and new freedom through the word of the Lord that I had spoken over his life that day. God is so good.

Then an early lunch at the airport as we chatted (a business meeting) with the pastor who had hosted our school in Moscow when we first arrived here in this nation. Then I needed to board for my first flight. Moscow to Frankfurt. Then a few hours to wait. Frankfurt to Toronto and a few more hours to wait and then Toronto to Regina. A long day (26 or so hours) but I will be home again and that is always good.

In Moose Jaw Saturday evening and mentoring a young man before that in Regina. Then two services on Sunday … I am finalizing my two teachings as I fly right now to Toronto.

I sincerely thank everyone for your prayers before and during this trip. It has been an adventure and an experience of a lifetime. I have learned much about God, the way the Holy Spirit works, about myself and about the gift of prophecy. I am not the man who left Canada 17 days ago. God has done some marvellous work in and through me.

My Report to the Local Church – October 18

It is good to be home after 18 days of travel and ministry in the tremendous nation of Russia. God was truly gracious and faithful and touched many, many lives by His power and His love. He literally transformed both young and old as he is no respecter of persons. He simply looks for an open heart that is hungry for more of Him.

It is good to be home and with you this morning. The local church is really precious. It is so important to be planted in and be a part of a local church where you know you belong and are loved, prayed for, supported and encouraged. The Christian faith is more than believing – it is belonging. And, I feel that I belong here at this Church and so it is good to be home and to be able to, even after almost 30 years, know I am connected.

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging emails while I was away. Every one was precious and important. God honored your prayers and seriously impacted a number of cities and even, dare we say it, the nation of Russia. He transformed lives forever and these “new creatures in Christ” will now help to transform their nation. God rules and reigns even in these tough times and in very tough situations such as I saw in many places in this once powerful nation.

Well, I am home for four weeks – then on the 13th of November I fly to Calgary – Munich – Almaty, Kazackstan to begin two and a half weeks of teaching and ministering prophetically. If it is not too much to ask – I would appreciate your prayers for this important trip as well as for the many hours of preparation that goes in ahead of the trip as I prepare spiritually for the ministry I am about to face there and write the teachings. Thanks!

Second to Last Day

It is Thursday here in Russia and I am sitting on the end of the bed writing. We are waiting for our ride from the “hotel” where we have been staying to our host pastor’s home for our last meeting with them. We have to check out of this place by 8:00 a.m. By Canadian standards not a great place to stay but by standards here we have done okay for living facilities. Of course, we spend 18 hours a day ministering and away from the site anyways.

After the debriefing meeting we head to the airport here in the next city to fly to Moscow where we will minister for a second time. This time we will be meeting with a Russian Orthodox priest and fellowshipping together. Than after the meal we will have a prayer meeting with his leadership team and they have asked us to prophesy over them and over his “movement”. Not sure what that is but I am sure we will find out.

He is hosting us overnight. We are being picked up the next day by a young man from a neighboring city who was seriously impacted by my prophetic ministry the first Sunday we were in the country … at a small house church we attended that morning. He simply wanted to serve and help. So, some time with him as we negotiate the traffic in the massive city of Moscow and weave our way to a 9 a.m. meeting with the pastor who hosted us or the prophetic school in this city two weeks ago. Then at noon I board a plane for Germany, switch to another flight to Toronto and then another flight to Regina. Friday will be a long day as I arrive home Friday evening after 10 p.m. but body time it will be 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. So, a 24 hours travel day ahead of me.

It has been a good – very good – two weeks. But, it is time to head home. I am tired and in need of both a physical and a spiritual rest. Just so much you can do for so long before you have to call a “time out”. It is time for a time out.

Blessings to everyone who has followed this trip via email and prayed for us here in Russia. Your prayers were answered and God has been glorified. Please continue to pray as we have a number of terrific offers to work in other areas of Russia – including one city that overlooks the nation of Japan (yes, Russia is that big).

Good to Be Home But

I arrived home last night after many hours of airports and airplanes. Arrived safely, on time and to the welcome of some of my grown children. My wife had an operation on Thursday and has just gotten home from hospital so she was unable to come to greet me as she usually does. Bed at 1:30 a.m. and it is now 5:00 a.m. Jet lag! Really 3:00 p.m. body time. Frustrating to not be asleep when you are suppose to be – so I’m up and having a warm cup of coffee.

There are still several blogs to be posted regarding the trip – written in the last two days. My personal assistant will post them in the next 48 hours. However, as I sit here in the comfort of my own study …

I am thinking through the experience of the past 15 days of ministry and realizing how blessed I am to be able to work with the Holy Spirit in another part of the world and experience God’s Church in other nations. It is amazingly stretching and can (and should) help me to recognize many of the cultural barriers we live with that prevent the Church from really being the Church here in this nation.

I recognize that each nation is different and God’s people are different in each nation. So, I am keenly aware that I cannot compare one place to another as this simply leads to pride if we are “doing better” and is depressing if we “don’t seem to measure up”. So, I will need to switch gears and simply fit back in to a culturally different set of church services this weekend – adjusting expectations.

I realize that I have had this life-changing experience and others have not. So, I must share some of what I have experienced but not bore people with the details as they are simply not interested as they were not there. But it was life-changing and so over the next few days I will dust off my personal journal and record some of my thoughts and feelings and record what changes I sense the Lord has been making in my heart, life and ministry.

I know that I am blessed to have the team that I do who help me to do what I do in Eastern Europe. Without this dedicated team of three (we have added another half-time person to our salaried staff) I would be seriously limited in my impact and ministry. I am dependant upon them and the Lord and that is as it should be – no Lone Rangers, mutual support and
accountability as well as a group whose giftings compliment each other.

It is obvious that my overall ministry is rapidly changing from “pastoring” to apostolic and I am adjusting and changing as quickly as I can to this new reality. I must admit, however, that the adjustments are not always easy and that I am having to work really hard at incorporating the changes – thinking differently, planning in new ways, involving more people in the overall ministry, working hard at grasping the reality of what is rapidly transpiring, understanding the almost toally new job description and the resulting timetable shifts I am now required to make. One of the hardest changes is learning to work “on the run” as it apprears that I will be spending less and less time in my office and study at home base. God’s grace is sufficient for all these changes but this is still not an easy season.

And, I am learning many new skills as I work more apostolically. People skills, how to work more closely with the Holy Spirit, developing my prophetic gifts (Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Discerning of Spirits and Prophecy), and learning how to better serve God’s people worldwide and not just locally along with management and planning skills not to mention new technology and programming.

Never too old to change it seems.

The Day After

It is Monday morning and it has rained most of the night but the sun is up nice and bright, the dogs are barking (normal) and the roosters are crowing (also normal). Yesterday – only because we spoke up and refused to work any longer – we were able to be back at the place we are staying by 7 p.m. That gave us the night to relax, go for a long walk (good for the soul and body) and then do some planning and scheduling for Ralph Howe Ministries before calling it a day at 1:00 a.m.

The day (Sunday) started with some paperwork before we were picked up to drive to another city. Then into a joint service of 6 or 7 churches from the network of churches our hosts co-lead under the overall leadership of an apostle whom we have now met and prophesied over. The service started at 11:00 a.m. and ended shortly after 3:00 p.m. Not a bad length for a Ukrainian worship service. I taught an encouraging word regarding those that the Lord would use to see His plans and His purpose fulfilled upon the earth. Then I was free to prophesy.

I had been asked that if I prophesied not to do long ones over people as that would not keep people focused. In the School I am leading the prophetic words take a good 30 minutes (remember they need to be translated) and sometimes much longer (they are very detailed). So, I asked the Lord what I was to do and He showed me that my normal way of prophesying is to pick up a large bolder and throw it into the lake. He then showed me that the way I should do it here (and gave me permission to do so) was to skip a small stone across the surface of the water and just touch on some of the things that I see.

So, I announced that I had been asked to do things a bit differently and that it was going to be my first attempt at it and jumped in. I prophesied over 9 or 10 people in 40 minutes (a record for me) and it was fun to do. I simply walked around in the congregation and looked and then chose. Again, a new way for me to do my work.

Feedback afterwards at a lunch/supper for the 9 pastors involved in the service (and wives) showed us that the Lord had honoured us and spoken very profoundly into the lives of these people. Their pastors were seriously excited because the words spoke directly to each person’s problems and/or issues and their current circumstances and situations. I was so pleased for the sake of the people because it was really a new way of doing things for me.

We had a great meal afterwards and just fellowshipped. We had been told that this was all it was going to be. In fact, we had been led to believe we were doing a service for one local church and it ended up being a joint service of many. We had been led to believe we were having a lunch with the local pastor and his family and it turned out to be more a supper and with 9 pastors, their wives and four missionaries. We were told it was a fellowship time and, of course, it turned in to more of a question and answer session. Then, meal over, we were suppose to head back and have the night to ourselves. That is what we asked for and were led to believe this was the plan. We found out that they wanted to have an evening to ask questions and receive prophesy. I do not like hidden agendas and being manipulated this way (that is what it feels like) and so we simply stood our ground and said “no” and that we wanted to be driven back to where we were staying. I am sure we will need to talk about it early today before the school starts.

So, a good day with a little down time afterwards which makes my team feel a bit more refreshed this morning and we can see it on their faces and we are all expressing that we are feeling more rested than we have in the last week. God is good.

Day three of the School starts in a few minutes and so will sign off and talk again tomorrow. We are on the home stretch and, by now, we are looking forward to going home. This is good.

Things That I Miss

Other than missing the basic comforts of home and being in a familiar and known environment – ministry trips have their unique challenges. Of course – having to adjust to living out of a suitcase and often someone else’s home and less than “normal” accommodations and living situations (privacy, one’s own space, down time, adequate clean clothes, coffee that taste good, etc.) – should be expected as they are a built-in feature of all international and national ministry trips. And, each trip out to minister, such as this one, do offer some unique challenges of their own. So, there is never a dull moment even when one wishes there could be.

Making time for one’s own personal relationship with the Lord is always a challenge. Because you are living with others and ministering with and to others – “others” are almost always around or not far away. There can be a constant stream of people as soon as the sun hits the horizons as it did beautifully this morning here in the Caucuses (a mountain range and district in western Russia); a constant demand for conversation and interaction as you work with the hosts and planners and attendees, adjust schedules and even expectations, and handle things that have are arising from the meetings.

There is the need to review teachings and seek the Lord’s face so that you have His heart for the sessions you are about to face during the day. Then there is the meeting each morning with team members to go over the plans and direction of the day and the late night meeting with the same team to debrief, correct and adjust – as well as deal with any interpersonal relational issues that have come up – at the end of each day.

Don’t misunderstand me; this is all good but all very time consuming and personally demanding. Much of it is very “spiritual” but it is not time alone with the Lord dealing with and building up one’s own personal relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ. This is what seems to get lost in the process…. The Lord is gracious, of course, and understands all this but it is important to make time to connect intimately with the One who supplies what is needed for the ministry to be supernatural and effective.

Often this means staying up after everyone else on the team and in the home in which you often stay has gone to bed and quiet is once again a fact of life. Of course, by then you may be too tired to keep your eyes up. You can try to “catch up” on travel days unless the person you are sitting beside on a plane with very inadequate spacing between seats and rows happens to be twice the size of every other passenger and is flowing over into your space – in fact, taking over your space. This was the reality I faced yesterday. Then there are the early mornings … and early happens here as the roosters indicate the sun will rise in a few hours by their very loud (maybe he is right outside the window) crowing (day two of mother nature’s alarm clock).

So, if staying up and focusing on the Lord seems difficult or near impossible due to human limitations (and urgent emails that have come in during the day) then the other option is to get up earlier and have your devotional time before anyone arises. Sounds good and it can actually happen on occasion. Not this morning. It is 7:00 a.m. and people are up, showering, talking, eating … and I am expected to make a showing in the next few minutes for the first unofficial meeting of the day.

So, early would have to be really early. Of course, everyone is up a little earlier than normal because the water goes off shortly and will not return until just before bed so there are dishes from yesterday to do, laundry to accomplish, pots to fill as well as cleaning the bathtub after everyone showers and bathes so that they can fill it as well to enable us to flush the toilet after using it. Never mind, it is an indoor toilet and it actually has a seat. Have I died and gone to heaven? No, but I am developing some neat muscles in the top half of my legs as I journey around the former Soviet union.

Well, sounds like everyone is up and have had their shower and breakfast is about to begin. A cup of coffee would go good about now so I will close and go enjoy some time with my host’s family and hope the Lord understands that I love Him and miss our extended times together that I am usually able to get when home and able to go into my study and be with Him. However, time at home is becoming less and less as this ministry grows and so I will need to solve this problem of personal time with the Lord while travelling soon. Your prayers would be appreciated.

A Day In Transit

By 4:00 a.m. I was up and mobile moving forward to face the 5:00 a.m. traffic of Moscow where 20,000,000 people live and work. We were picked up and driven without incident (no traffic jams or accidents) although the traffic was heavy even at that hour. A coffee while we waited to go through check-in and security, good-byes to our host and driver.

Oh, did I mention this was to be a day off even though we would be travelling to our next location? Well, at 6:30 a.m. in the airport parking lot we were asked to prophesy over the driver. So, we were on duty once again. We did as asked. Good word!

Then we were through security and took the opportunity to walk around knowing we would be sitting for quite some time to come. Boarded the plane – squeezed in like over-sized sardines in an undersized can. Sad and very uncomfortable and the man next to me filled half of my seat as well. Long flight!

We arrived and found out that the host pastor in Moscow was suppose to have registered us as guests when we first arrived. He did not. So, we are in quite a bit of trouble. So, our new hosts drove us all over a number of towns (50,000 people) and cities (250,000 to 500,000 people) trying to right the situation. No progress. However, we have several options in motion and both look like we will end up paying tremendous fines for the oversight of our original host. Time will tell.

Then we arrived at where we are staying for the night. It is now 2:30 p.m. and we are exhausted. We were suppose to be in a hotel so we could have some quiet and privacy. We are in a house with 4 adults and three children and numerous visitors and people coming and going. And, we are to sleep in two main rooms where the company and family seems to simply fall in whenever they want to. So much for quiet and privacy.

The talk went on (all business) until 6:00 p.m. when we ate supper (or was that lunch?) and then into the car to tour the top of the local mountain. What a magnificent view. However, once again I was asked to prophesy – this time over the city and its neighbouring suburbs… This is a day off, folks. When you can prophesy when you want to and people know it – it seems there is no such thing as a day off.

Back for more business talk planning the next few days – and it is now near 11:00 p.m. as I type this with my laptop on my knees and a dog right out the window barking very loudly (happens frequently it seems in every location). I am about to go over what I plan to teach tomorrow because we leave here early and will not see our hotel room until 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. Then, I need to be picking out clothes for tomorrow and bed (finally) if the noise of the family dies down a bit.

Did I mention the water goes off at 10:00 p.m. and does not come back on until 6:00 a.m. and then goes off at 10:00 a.m. again… we have a narrow window to flush toilets and shave and shower. I am first in line at 6:30 which will give the water heater half an hour to heat up enough water for a quick rinse off (I hope).

Tomorrow we start a school for 60 leaders (was suppose to be 40) and it will be on prophecy (surprise) and the other gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) as well as the motivational gifts of Romans 12 and the five-fold ministry gifts of Ephesians 4:11 – not to mention numerous other gifts and callings. By Tuesday evening when the school ends (Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday) we will have covered the basics of the gifts and focused on, as well as practiced, the prophetic. This is an equipping school on the gifts of God to the people of God and an opportunity to actually come up front and practice what they have just learned.

If this flies as well as it did the first school we have just finished – it will be rewritten and improved and then immediately translated into Russian for use as a manual for the same school as we teach it in a number of other places around the former Soviet Union. I have taught it about 40 times in Canada so it is time for the material to be translated and gain a wider audience.

Will post this as soon as we can connect again to the internet.

My Report To The Local Church – October 11th

I am now in the city of Kislovodsk in a church called “The Love of Christ”. I have been here all day ministering and will soon be drawing the service to a close. Then, food! We will be eating Caucasus Mountain style as we are in this mountain range ministering in various cities.

I arrived on Thursday for this second leg of the trip. Flying in to Minerainy Vody we then drove straight to Pictigorsk city where we fellowshipped and then did some site seeing to gain some cultural context for our ministry here.

Friday and Saturday I taught in a school for leaders with about 50 in attendance all belonging to the same network of churches. We are being hosted by a local church called “Christ Savior’s Love” in Essentuky city.

Our invitation was from their apostle whom I ministered to almost a year ago in Krasnoarmeysk, Ukraine. We have held morning, afternoon and evening sessions both days.

Sunday – a local church in the city of Kislovodsk as mentioned. I love the local church and being with the saints. Great ministry and powerful prophetic anointing.

Monday and Tuesday we return to the school in Essentuky city. On Wednesday I will be touring the foothills of the Elbrus Mountain range and simply enjoying fellowship with the leaders who have hosted us.

Thursday – business meetings and the start of the long journey home. Drive to Minerainy Vody, fly to Moscow, switch flights – fly to Frankfurt, Germany, then switching again to another flight destined for Toronto. Another switch and a flight to Regina and home!

We Are Learning Lessons On the Go

It has been an interesting two and a half days of ministry here in the Caucasus. We have been with people, in meetings, teaching, ministering, listening and prophesying 18 hours a day since we arrived. It has been very busy and very productive. And, we are receiving some excellent feedback both immediately here from those currently being taught and ministered to and now by email from Moscow where we taught and ministered last week.

It is early Sunday morning here – 12:30 a.m. – and we are just winding down after a very productive and tiring day. We are not having another day of “school” tomorrow as the students are all leaders and actively busy in their local churches. We come back together early Monday morning for two more days of the school.

Sunday morning – first coffee

So, we will be picked up at 10:15 a.m. today (Sunday) and driven to where I will be ministering. It is a local church and we have already prophesied over one of the young ‘20-something’ members (who has been serving those at the school by working very hard as part of the kitchen staff who are feeding 70+ people twice a day – the church seats 60) and one man in his early 30’s who attends this church. So, after I preach and before the prophetic ministry happens I will call them up to testify as this will build faith in those attending and who are not use to the prophetic.

Then, I am told, we will go to the pastor’s house for lunch and fellowship (spelt ‘prophetic ministry’) after the service. Then we are hoping (we are going to demand it actually) we will be dropped off where we are staying so we can have some down time and personal space for half a day. We would like to catch up on our emails and have some time to go for a walk and relax. These “schools” we run are fairly demanding and we are finding that even the coffee breaks and meal times are really work times as we have people wanting to share, asking questions, wanting to talk to us for a minute (same as “I need a prophetic word”) and so we are simply never off duty.

We still have today (Sunday) to minister and then two full days of the school left to go. Then supposedly a day off to tour the countryside (want to bet we will just happen to meet some people who, you guessed it, want a prophetic word) and then Thursday we fly to Moscow and meet with an Orthodox priest and then with his church leaders. More prophetic ministry – good thing I really like what I do. Then Friday we head for the airport (6 hours before the flight due to Moscow traffic) and then 24 hours of airports and planes before arriving home.

I am learning that we (most likely my administrator) need to be much more specific about what we require for living conditions when ministering. They wanted us to stay in people’s homes during this half of the trip (and we did for one night) which ends up meaning we are “on duty” until we are in bed. Too exhausting and does not allow for personal time and space. I have ended up renting a hotel room and paying for it myself so we could have some privacy and actually be “off duty” for a few hours out of every 24.

I am learning that we need to make a rule (and stick to it) that there will be no questions during meals and coffee breaks. That is really sad in some ways because it is the only time people get to talk with us. However, if we just keep going then my interpreter never gets a rest and is just totally exhausted by the end of the day. Not to mention that I begin to feel like a “machine” and that they are assuming I am like the Ever Ready Bunny and can just keep going and going… And, we will need to constantly repeat that rule daily.

I am learning that when you say “I don’t do counselling as I am not your pastor” they hear: “I would love to hear about your personal problems and can guarantee you a prophetic and thus instantaneous and miraculous solution to those problems”. Need to make it clear – no counselling.

I am learning that “can I speak to you for a minute sometime during the next day or two” means they want a prophetic word and if I say “yes I can do that and give you a few minutes when we can talk” that this is instantly (and always) interpreted as a promise to prophesy. This has happened several times this trip and we have had to correct the people later when they come expecting – and I feel seriously manipulated and abused and so this is something that will need to stop.

I am learning that they will let you work 20 hours a day if you want to. So, I need to declare up front my working hours and what I am willing to do. This is not something I would find hard to do as they do not pay me for these ministry times. They are trying to honour me with some money (love offering) but it has yet to cover even the cost of the flights to come to a place to minister. So, I really feel I give them their “money’s worth” and so can tell them what I am willing to do regarding hours I will work or not work.

I am learning that … I will save the other lessons for another day. Time to pray, read my Bible and find out what the Lord wants me to teach and minister on here at this local church I am going to in some nearby city this morning.

Thanks for reading and for praying. Much appreciated.

Hear the Rooster Crowing

It is early morning – I mean early – 4:00 a.m. and the rooster next door has been at it for about 30 minutes.” Morning has broken” as Cat Stevens famous song indicates. And, it has broken very early. Everyone else is asleep – all 6 of them and I am enjoying the quiet and time to myself as I sit looking out the window at a sky that is still dark but promises to be bright and sunny and clear.

We start ministering in our second location today at 11:00 a.m. Means nothing as there is a meal and a car ride between now and then so, most likely, I will begin ministering as soon as people are up and dressed. I would like to minister to the father of our host’s wife who lives here with us and is a classic and extreme alcoholic. If that opportunity arises I will certainly not hesitate to speak in to his life and share the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. I am sure family members have already done so numerous times but sometimes a stranger or a visitor can accomplish what family members cannot.

Today there will be a service at 11:00 a.m. and these people are new to me (unless they have been in a conference in Ukraine with me) so I will be sharing my testimony as a way to express the goodness of God, to remind the devil right from the start of the conference that he is defeated (Revelation 12:11) and to introduce myself and the journey that I am on. Then a fast lunch … two afternoon sessions – broken up by a 30 minute coffee break. This is followed by what I consider a rather short supper break that will not allow me a short walk to plug-in and to relax and then the evening service. A series of long days is ahead of us. Sunday (in the middle of the four day school) we will be going to a neighbouring city to preach and minister and then have the rest of the day “off” (and I am aware that this does not really mean “off”).

So far no internet connection is available in our new location. There is a wireless network somewhere nearby and I can connect to it but I cannot access the internet and my emails. Hopefully the city where the conference is being held (25 Km away) will supply wireless internet or Wi-Fi as it is fondly known. Then these blogs can be sent to my personal assistant who has been posting them for me as the new laptop I am travelling with for the first time will not allow me access to my own blog site. However, both my personal assistant and my IT guy can access it with the sign-on and password … it just doesn’t like me. So, as soon as I have internet connections these last few blogs will be forwarded “from Russia with love” to Canada and posted for those around the world who are praying for this trip to be able to receive a bit of information on what is going on during this second half of this particular mission trip.

I appreciate your faithfulness in praying for our work here. Lives are being impacted and changed for all of eternity and the Lord is doing a great work equipping and releasing the people of God to walk supernaturally in His presence and power here in Russia.