Ukraine #12 – The End Has Come – Well Almost

November 19,2008

It has been quite the day. I am back early (by the standard of previous nights) but only because I need to pack after 8 days living out of a suitcase in a very small room. Half packed and now ready for a cup of hot chocolate (I brought it with me as a personal treat and have been careful to drink it sparingly).

This morning while typing a blog our translator trecked over to where I am staying from where he is staying – he has a phone that works and so Dima the pastor and conference host called him and asked him to come and talk to me. Dima felt the Lord said that we should not simply prophesy as had been decided at midnight the previous night but that we should also teach. So, at 9:00 a.m. with my team members just getting up and me busy working on blogs and publication deadlines I switch gears to see what the Lord would have us teach these 50 pastors who had assembled for the three pastors sessions (Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and afternoon). We made some hasty decisions and pulled the material together – prayed and off we went.

It was a great two sessions – teachings were awesome and those in attendance responded well. We also prophesied over close to ten people. Doesn’t sound like much but when each one if 15 to 20 minutes and then needs interrepting – it is a lengthy time of prophetic ministry. So, a great close to the pastor’s end of the 8 days we have been here.

Supper was “in-house” as they have all been. Good Ukrainian cooking and all those working on the team – my team, the translators, and the pastors all together in close quarters talking and sharing. Good feedback after each session and an opportunity to receive further input and instructions from the pastor regarding where we have been and where we are going and would he like to see any changes. Then, after supper, my team went back to their rooms to rest and I met with the youth leaders.

The youth are exciting. They started less than 3 months ago and have 80 in attendance and plans to quickly expand to 200. They have a five point vision which they knew by heart and are already reaching out with concerts and one-on-one witnessing. Wow! And they literally have nothing compared to the youth in my city back home. But, they have Jesus and are madly in love with him. So, we have planned a two day youth conference the next trip back (February, 2009) and then a week long youth camp for a wider area (expecting hundreds) in the summer months at which I would speak and minister. I think I have died and gone to Heaven. This is a dream come true.

Then a walk home with the lady translator because her husband left for home a few hours ago to be back at work tomorrow. We were joined by a Ukrainian pastor who spoke no English and I speak only a few words of Russian. It was great. She interpreted and I learned a little about him. We walked past where we are staying in an orphanage and took her right to her friends place where she and her husband have been staying – so she did not have to walk these streets by herself. The pastor asked if I would pray a blessing over him and his wife and kids. I agreed and told him to take his cell phone out and push record because praying becomes prophesying in my life – the change happened several months ago and is increasing in strength and depth daily. And, I was right.

I gave him a wonderful prophesy about the next ten years of his life and he was really blessed and so thankful. We then walked back to the orphanage where we are both staying – in total silence – no interpreter. I need to learn the language – this is totally stupid as he was my brother in Christ and I can’t talk to him. However, the hug at the end of the walk communicated a lot.

Now I am into packing mode and just taking a break before going back to it for a while as the morning will come quickly and it is 12 hours in a vehicle before we reach Boyorka. Then a sleep and up early to go into Kiev and the flights home. We leave here Friday and arrive home Friday – but 9 hours will be lived twice as we cross time zones. A total of 24+ hours in the air and airports. Saturday will be a loss due to being tired and jet lag. Good day to do laundry.

Lady at the Club

I am looking for a new place for my daily exercise routine. The place I was going has come under new ownership and is under serious renovations. It is now part of a large international chain and I am simply not interested in the higher fees and all the hype – not to mention all the inconvenience and crowdedness as they tear the place apart and redesign it piece-by-piece currently using only a small part of the whole building for those who come to simply exercise.

So, after an evening event this week I was driving home and noticed an exercise place I had not seen before. I stopped in and took a tour. It is a nice facility and within easy driving distance of home – quiet, clean, no hype or sales job … and not crowded with a bunch of jocks – just a few people working out. It was late, however. And, the hours suit my somewhat wild timeframes.

The neat thing was the young lady on the front desk who was sort of helping me tour the facility. I say “sort of” because she could hardly speak any English. Here accent was very familiar so I asked her if she was Ukranian and she said that she was. We worked at carrying on the conversation and I found out that she has been in Canada for four months and is struggling to learn the language. We had a great – but broken – conversation together as I toured the facilities.

As I was leaving – having just put my street shoes back on – I stuck my head around the corner and said thank you in Rusian. I only know five or six words or phrases in Russian and ‘thank you” is one of them. She lite up. Her face broke into a complete smile and she started to cry. All because I simply took the time to say “thank you” in her own language.

So, I’m thinking, I will send an email through my translator system welcoming her to Canada and thanking her for her help – and explaining the Gospel … just in case she is not a believer and has not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. I can then just hand it to her next time I am driving by the facility.

There is always someone to share with if we are looking for opportunities and even a different language should not be a barrier to sharing the gospel. There is always a way.

Ukraine #11 – The Next Generation

November 18, 2009
Tuesday – the last two sessions of the prophetic school / conference and an evening with senior pastors of churches. Great day but are we ever tired. The length of ministry each day and the number of days straight that we have ministered are taking their toll. My whole team is tired (and suffering with head and chest colds – my gift to them as we arrived). But the Lord has been gracious and continues to amaze the people and us. And, the people are hungry and “desperate” to know what to do – personally and in their churches – and so that is motivation enough to keep going.

Today we taught on some of the pitfalls to avoid when ministering prophetically. It was a good set of two short teachings. Short because we had quite a group of people still to pray and prophesy over. However, the Lord moved and gave me some words for others not on the list and I was obedient. So, even less of the list was accomplished than we had hoped.

The students then did our prophetic exercise as the school drew to a close. Some were reluctant but we did speak honestly to them and encouraged them to participate. In the end everyone got involved and it was interesting to watch the buzz going on in the room as they prophesied over each other. They are quick learners and have had some great teachings – my team has presented the heart of God and the heart of prophecy very well.

As the school drew to a close we prophesied over the couple who have been interpreting for us. Wow! An apostle and a prophet. It was great. God really touched their hearts and moved mightily on them and in them and they were visibly changed – their countenance changed. This has happened before as we prophesied over people during this past two weeks. Amazing.

Then we had the pastor and his wife join us – along with our newly announced apostolic-prophetic couple – to pray for each participant in the school to impart the gift of prophecy. It was fun and the Lord kept me out of the line. However, as people went through the line I was watching and once in a while (the line took over an hour) He would tell me to go pray for this person or that person. As I did I ended up prophesying over each one – I think a total of five more. Pictures of some of these men and women will follow as they arrive by email. Everyone has a cell phone that takes pictures. Great words from a great God to great people.

In the evening – after 30 minutes to rest and eat – we had a 3.5 hour session with senior pastors of churches from 5 nations and the questions were good and our answers seemed to help. Many here do not have training for the roles they are now in and so much that we spoke and suggested was fairly basic. The night ended at 11:00 followed by supper and then a great walk back to where I am staying.

Overall – God’s will was certainly done on this rainy day here in Ukraine.

If the Roles Were Reversed?

What would happen, I wonder, if the roles were reversed?

What would happen if a group of militant Christians stormed into a homosexual church in one of our main cities during a public worship service carrying an upside down cross and distributed anti-gay literature to all the worshippers present?

What would happen if these Christians then disrupted the service with shouting through a megaphone, beating on buckets,valdalized the building, had sex in a public washroom, pulled fire alarms, stormed the pulpit and unfurled an anti-gay flag, drapping it over the pulpit?

I wonder what would happen? I wonder if the news services would pick the story up? I wonder if it just might become headline news in the morning papers? “Christians Bash Gays During Worship”? I wonder if it would become a topic of the day (or week) on the morning phone-in talk shows around the nation?

Well, I don’t wonder really – it would be all over the news media and the Christians would be painted as the bad guys who are biggotted, biased, hateful, intolerant … and they would be labeled as many other things.

Yet, “Bash Back!”, a group of self-described homosexual anarchists did just this in reverse on Sunday, November 9th, 2008 in Lansing, MI. in the United States of America – the land of the free! They stormed Mount Hope Church in this city where they pretended to be normal Sunday worshippers while others dressed in pink and black waited outside. This group – “Bash Back” – claims on their web site that the evangelical church is guilty of “transphobia and homophobia”. This group opposes “all forms of state power” and urges members not to condemn certain methods of promoting their cause “on the grounds that the state deems it to be illegal.”

The church was vandalized, obscenities were shouted and worshippers confronted. The Bash Back members had video cameras and were trying to record angry reactions from the worshipers towards them and what was happening. They failed as everyone reacted in love and without anger towards those who were disrupting the orderly worship of the Lord Jesus Christ – in a country that prides itself in freedom of expression and freedom to worship. I wonder if this was what the founding fathers meant by the word “freedom”.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue … responded, saying, “The real story here is the refusal of the mainstream media to cover what is surely one of the most disturbing events of 2008. If an organized group of gay bashers stormed a gay church, there is not a single sentient person in the United States who wouldn’t know about it.” How true. How sad. How ridiculous.

This report was caried on They concluded their coverage by saying, “Bash Back’s acions in Michigan follow several days of homosexual demonstrations outside California churches, protesting the passage o Proposition 8.” [The people of California voted against legalizing gay marriages in a binding referendum that changes their state constitution – and regarding which most levels of governmetn are now back-peddling in spite of what the voters declared].

Folks, this is just the beginning. We need to be prepared for a continued and growing onslaught against the born again message that Jesus is the only way into Heaven (and the Father) and that God declares homosexual behaviour as unnatural and immoral and an abomination in His sight. The battles lines have been drawn.

Ukraine #10 – Ruined For Life

November 17, 2008

This is the day that the Lord has made. A really special day. But then, in my mind, all days are special because they are a gift from the Lord and because of this they need to be celebrated. Here in Ukraine they celebrate their Jesus and His goodness to them every day. They take nothing for granted and are thankful for everything.

Worship is always spectacular. It seldom goes for less than an hour and often almost two. It is upbeat and dynamic at the start with almost everyone participating – many up front between the front row of chairs and the platform where the worship team is. God is always present in the house and you absolutely know it. He can be felt tangibly. His presence can be seen on the faces of the people as they praise Him. Then they come to a more quiet time when the presence of God just makes you weep (as I am doing right now just from the memory of the worship) and they WORSHIP, really worship, Jesus. There can be no doubt as you watch them and listen that they seriously love Him with their whole heart and are 100% committed to Him. He is their everything. Worship here can spoil you for life and the transition back to Canadian apathy and lethargy about Jesus is going to be truly difficult. What a young and dynamic church!

We had three sessions again today. Morning, afternoon, and evening. However, other than an opportunity to use the washroom and the small down time (and sometimes business meeting) for a bite to eat you would be hard pressed to really see where one service starts and another stops. I taught in the morning and it was well received but it is obvious they are hungry to hear a prophetic word from the Lord. So, we ministered prophetically for 90 minutes after I taught and a brief segment of worship. Lunch… Then more worship, a team member taught and then two and a half hours of prophecy. Supper… Then more worship, I taught again and even changed the topic and teaching at the last minute as during supper we felt the original plan whould take the conference / school off track a bit. It was well received (maybe because it was fun to teach and a bit shorter) and then we prophesied for two and a half hours. More food … a meeting back where we are staying to determine tomorrow’s plans (really today’s because it is now 1:00 a.m. in the morning).

God is really changing the Church in Ukraine during this visit. We have called out a substantial number of young people and their callings – including how, when, where, why, and with whom – and these men and women will change the nation and the world. We are past that group right now and working on local leaders and building the local church until supper Tuesday. Then we work for three sessions with just the pastors in attendance (35 to 50 of them) and teach and minister to them. The ministry of prophecy will be the same. The teachings will bump up a notch as we teach them how to handle prophecy in the local church.

The reason I say the Church is changing is because we have inadvertently introduced apostles into the mix. Two out of three on the team are apostles. Prophets are known and, in this circle of churches, fairly well accepted. Apostles are a whole new breed. And, a number of the young men I called out have apostolic callings. So, we have introduced something new into the mix. Could not be helped. You invite me to minister and I spot them and call them out. I even begin to train them immediately as I have been doing here with several young men. It’s my very nature and built into my spiritual DNA.

So we have begun to plan another trip – and when we come back we will certainly teach on the role, office and ministry of apostles in today’s new breed of churches. It will be exciting. Always is when you work with Jesus!

On the Road Again – Calgary This Weekend

This Friday I leave again – this time for Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There is a neat church in this thriving city that was started in March of this year and has grown remarkably large for her age. Kingdom Ambassadors Ministries headed by William Dennie includes the local church which he pastors and will eventually include a network of churches which he will be the founder of. His call – as he matures and grows – is to be an apostle in the Kingdom. He is a gift from Jesus Christ to the Church (see Ephsians 4:11).

I will leave mid-afternoon Friday and fly to the city of Calgary. Teach Friday night and all day Saturday (God’s Gifts to You Seminar) and then preach and minister prophetically at their Sunday afternoon service. Supper at the airport with a young prophet named Ryan (who received a prophecy in May 2008 through Dennis Cramer) and with whom I am slowly building a relationship. Just the two of us – hanging out and getting to know each other a little better. Great opportunity to do so as the flight home does not leave until 10:00 p.m. I arrive home around midnight. It’s a 1.5 hour flight but there is a one hour time difference in the winter months – and it is winter here!

The seminar is simple enough – it basically takes people through salvation – getting rid of wrong ‘past involvements’ – the baptism in the Holy Spirit – the refilling of the Holy Spirit – the motivational gifts of Romans 12 – the Charismatic Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 – the Five-fold Ascension Gifts of Ephesians 4 – into prophecy which is a gift all can flow in and then an afternoon teaching them how the prophetic gift works and practicing on one another… It moves quickly and builds to a climax and I am always excited to be offering it once again as I have taught it many tiomes in many different places.

Your prayers for the whole weekend – including the Sunday service – would be greatly appreciated.

Ukraine #9 – Sunday in Southern Ukraine

November 17, 2008

Another full day. We would have it no other way. A meeting between the senior pastor and his wife began at 9:00 a.m. – with interpreters here as well, of course. I asked Bob MacDonald to also attend as he is a tremendous apostle and doing some great work here in the team over the last ten days as well as in our Network of churches in Canada. Dima (pastor of the local church here and rising apostle of his own network of churches) had some questions he wanted to ask and receive some input on. It was just what turns my crank. I loved it. After we gave him some input on a number of topics he wanted to chat about and get a fuller understanding of – I then had a list of 8 things I wanted to talk about. These were observations I (and other team members) have had since travelling to this part of Ukraine and working in this prophetic conference/ school. It continued right through until 10:45 when we were picked up for lunch.

Lunch was in the “pastors’ room” at the church where we have eaten all our meals. They really know how to feed a person here. All fresh vegetables and soups and fish. My diet has not had a problem in the least. The only problem is that we eat three good meals every day (full meals) and then again at the debriefing meeting at 11:00 in the evening. So much food. It was a good fellowship lunch with little business needing to be talked over.

Sunday service started with worship at 12:00 with almost a full house. By 12:15 it was standing room only (250+ people). The worship, as always, was great. Then I taught on the verse from Jeremiah that talks of God’s plans and purposes for us. I related it to the prophetic words revealing God’s plans and purpose for so many – and to the upcoming prophetic word I had and was planning to deliver to the church body as the service progressed.

After the sermon … stretch break and 2 worship songs and then the prophetic word for the church. Amazing what God is planning over this group of people and what He wants to do through them as well – not just in Ukraine but as part of a world-wide movement. When typed I am sure it will be close to four pages single-spaced. It was a powerful word that the Lord had simply downloaded ahead of time letting me know many details of what He is planning to do. Normally I simply get a small perception or nudge that God wants to talk to someone. But when I prophesy over churches it comes ahead of time and is received in a totally different manner. And, I am told by my team members, given in a totally different manner.

After I prophesied over the church – a great word for them to build for many years on – I then called up the pastor (Dima), his wife (Inna) and their daughter (Julia) and we (the whole team) ministered to them extensively. The word over Dima certainly lined up with what the word over the church was. Good thing because he is leading the church and working out of this local church as he moves forward into the plans and purposes of God for his life.

We had lunch and then, for the first time, had an hour to ourselves. So, all three on the team chose to be driven back to where we are staying so as to have half an hour’s rest. I came with a cold and it has goitten worse. I have also managed to spread it to the other team members. So, everyone is feeling sick and they appreciated a rest – as did I.

Then to an evening meeting (7:00 to 11:00) of 23 leaders from this local church. It was a closed meeting for them and no one else. We were having questions and answers and then hoped to discuss the prophetic word the church received that morning. The questions and answers took up the whole evening and ranged from the Spirit of Jezebel to false prophets (both in this local church) and everything in between. Tithing also came up and that took a long time to work through all their questions. Very lively and dramatic discussions all evening. Fielded the questions with the help (excellent help) of my team members. Thanks Bob and Irene.

Then we held our regular debriefing meeting over more food. Instead of a drive back to our residence I chose to walk there in the company of my interpreters who are staying with friends just a few minutes from where we are staying. It was good to get out for a walk even though it was almost midnight. Lots of people still about as this is a coal mining city and it seems the shifts are 24 hours a day as the buses and commuter trains are still running really late at night and many people are standing on the streets and chatting, moving about, and waiting for the local buses. It was a good walk and had a great chat with the two interpreters who have been doing just an excellent job helping us. It is a couple who are in their 30’s who have only recently been married. A great couple – seriously wonderful to work with and very kind to me personally.

Back to the place we are staying and a ‘business meeting’ with my team members as we look at where we have come to in the prophetic school / conference and what needs to be taught next. We brought more than enough material – so we are trying to sense the “next step” each day and see what would be most beneficial for us to teach. We decided on what we are teaching and who had the best outline for that topic – I think we managed to sort through the next 5 sessions (three Monday and two Tuesday) which brings us to the end of the school. The teaching are what needs to be heard but also shorter so we can have more time to prophesy as we have a lot of people to speak over and time is running out.

Tuesday evening we meet with all the pastors registered for the school – supper and then teaching and prophecy. Probably just supper and prophesy. Then Wednesday we have two sessions (10:00 and 2:00) with the pastors and we are officially done. Wednesday evening I have set up a meeting with the two youth leaders as I want to speak deeply into their lives. I have already prophesied over them and they have already begun to walk out their word (refreshing) but there are other things I would like to talk to them about – personal things regarding their lives and also what I sense God doing among the youth in this city. So a busy last day.

We leave Thursday morning for the 12 hour drive back to Boyorka. The next morning an hour’s ride to the airport and we board our first of three flights heading home. It will be good to be home. Miss everyone.

My apologies that these blogs are being posted “after the fact”. They were written daily but there is absolutely no internet connections we can use where we stay and where we are ministering. This was also the case in the previous city. Even our cell phones and Blackberries don’t function here in Ukraine (we expected that). So, although I am getting up early or staying up late daily to write they will be posted after-the-fact, one a day upon my return to Canada. Probably get the first one posted from the airport in Minneapolis.

Ukraine Follow-up

There were a number of young men (9 in all. I think) that the Lord called out to be apostles in both places where we ministered while recently in Ukraine. They cover four nations and all speak Russian.

I really believe in what I do – and that the prophetic is real. So, I spoke to each one before leaving and told them to keep in touch and I would help them to discover what it was to be an apostle and then help to equip and mentor them – eventually seeing them released into the fullness of their calling.

The same has happened here in Canada where I live. I have a list of 32 men who have received prophetic words from other prophetic voices (and 2 through my prophetic ministry) telling them to connect with me and that I would disciple and equip them. Only two have ever bothered to keep in touch. For several years I chased a number of the others and then, with the help of Dennis Cramer, realized that it was their responsibility to fulfill their Word and I was not responsible to see that it happened – they were. I stopped chasing. Not one bothered to stay in touch and begin to walk out what their Word told them to do. Two man have remained in touch – one is really being used by the Lord and the relationship is a joy, the other we have met several times and are just forming the relationship but the desire and hunger is there. Keith and Zack – you are a blessing to me!

Said all that to say this: I believe the Lord has told me that my gifts and calling will find fulfillment. If they can’t be fulfilled here in Canada and the United States because of the lethargy and apathy regarding prophetic words and callings – then He will see my ministry calling (which involves discipling, equiping and mentoring young men into full-time apostolic ministry) fulfilled elsewhere – overseas in nations that once belonged to the Soviet Union. I believe that is what the Lord has been saying to me now for almost three months.

It is being confirmed by what has begun since my arrival back in Canada. I have had a number of those young men who received prophetic words about being apostles contact me. They are taking seriously what the Lord has said and want to “get going” and move forward into the fulfillment of everything that was spoken over them. Novel idea. Wow!

So, I have arranged with an interpreter in Ukraine to work with me to bridge the language problem. Anyone can write to me in Russian at and the interpreter will translate the email into English and forward it immediately to me. Then I will answer it in English and send it to the same e-mail account – which, when they see it, they will interpret the answer into Russian and forward it to the right person. The identity of the interpreter will remain “unknown” as we believe this will help the young men be more open and honest in their communications with me. This interpreter is now on staff at Ralph Howe Ministries and is doing a great job already – which is thrilling for me as I can communicate openly with these young men and help them to walk into the fulness of their calling. Someone just pushed my hot buttons -training and equipping young men for ministry, mentoring them and releasing them into the work of the Kingdom.

I am excited about these doors opening – more work but very fulfilling and rewarding work. I have waited a long time for this and will apply myself faithfully to helping everyone I can that received a Word about a calling to be an apostle in the Church and in God’s Kingdom. I have already begun to believe God for the funding to begin translating some of my material so I can distribute it freely to these men as well as send them other resources that will help them to grow and mature quickly so that they can impact the world for Jesus Christ. Stand in faith with me as these are exciting times for our young ministry and we work with a very small staff who will be asked to accomplish a lot more without added incentives and any increase in salary. It will be a labor of love for all of us – but we need renewed strength and wisdom to work smart. Thanks!

Ukraine #8 – What A Day!

November 15, 2008

Once again God has been gracious to us here in the conference. We had three services today – 10:00, 2:00 and 7:00 and, of course, they ran into each other and we hardly had time to eat and rest at the end of one service before the next one started. Neat way to have church and it was obvious that the people simply love to worship and learn.

We have people from five nations (as far as I can sort out) and we have spent a fair amount of the prophetic time ministering, it seems, to people (leaders) from Russia. Great opportunity to minister to that nation without having even visited it (yet). Also, ministering to a lot of young men and women – the women receiving inner healing and a new self-image as the Lord speaks lovingly into their past, present, and future. He is certainly healing women and releasing them to be beautiful representatives of Him in the culture here. And He has a tremendous group of young men to work with who are absolutely sold out to the Lord and will go anywhere and do anything that He asks of them – the first time He asks them. Have I died and gone to Heaven?

I prophesied over their youth leader the first service – not knowing he was the youth leader. He has been missing the last two days – returns for Sunday – because he is actually out putting the prophetic word into action and cooperating with it already. He has been out doing what the Lord told him to do. Amazing.

Today I let my team teach and they both did an excellent job. They are communicating well and the anointing is strong on both of them and on the word that they are teaching. We have then prophesied for hours after the teaching in all three services ministering at length over people.

The Lord has really blessed me personally (and others through my ministry) by expanding and deepening my prophetic insights even further than before and the words are much more details and in greater depth and looking further into the past and much further into the future than I have ever experienced before.

For the first time I prophesied (as did my team and our interpreter prophesied as well) over a man who had driven us here – 1200 Km / 12 hours straight – he was not pesonally present – no body to touch and see (he returned to Boyorka yesterday) and no picture. Just a download from the Lord. A tremendous 20 minute prophetic word for him and it will guide him for the rest of his life. You know, God is simply so awesome, loving and just neat!

Back to our rooms at 11:45 p.m. and then an hour long meeting with one team member to sort out thoughts and prophetic feelings and determine where the meetings tomorrow (Sunday) are going. Bed comes none too soon.

Sunday is full – We meet at 9:00 a.m. with Dima the pastor (apostle) and a translator to discuss some questions he has about Church in general and how some things should be working. Then at 11:00 we will walk to the building to be there for 11:45 and the service at 12:00. Dima figures it will end by 5:00 p.m. At 7:00 p.m. we have a meeting with 35 men and women – his loose group of leaders. Questions and answers – which I will be leading. In the morning service I will be preaching on God’s Plan for His Church and then prophesying over this local church – as a team we will prophesy over the pastor, his wife and daughter. Then, because we have a list of 31 others from his church he wants prophetic words for and we have only two more days with his people there (the last 36 hours are pastors from 5 nations only) we need to work through some on the list at that service. A very full day. Welcome to the ministry.

It is really neat to be working with such a mature team -both Bob and Irene who are from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – as well as Larissa and Miroslav our interpreters. What a wonderful blesing to have all of them as part of the team and we are working seriously well together. We are all different and work (teach, prophesy and interpret) differently but God brings it all together and I, for one, am a seriously blessed man as a result.